Suite of Solutions

GO.H2 by T.EN™ is a suite of Green Offshore Hydrogen solutions with full flexibility tailored to meet your needs!
The design co
nsists of adjustable building blocks to accommodate various substructures, products, functions etc. Onto the hydrogen production, Power-to-X add-ons can be provided, such as ammonia production and power generation.

Building Blocks

The Basic Unit and the heart of the facility are the electrolysers powered by renewable energy. Hydrogen can be exported as fuel, or one may add subsequent Add-ons for Power-to-X to produce other fuels such as Ammonia and LOCH.

By adding hydrogen gas turbines or fuel cells, the GO.H2 by T.EN™ has a battery function that ensures stable power supply to electrified oil & gas facilities from the renewable energy source which has natural variations.
The choice of GO.H2 by T.EN™) substructure can be selected based on project specific requirements for storage, stability and environment. T.EN offer a wide range of hull designs and marine experience to ensure optimal solutions, while also having the capability to integrate and adapt the GO.H2 by T.EN™ process onto Clients’ preselected hull.

GO.H2 by T.EN™ – Ship

Converted or newbuilt ship for hydrogen production contains E-House, electrolysers and desalination system with Energy Management System for optimal operation under fluctuating wind power supply.

The hydrogen may be exported through pipeline or Add-ons can be chosen to become a Power-to-X concept utilising the vessels storage tanks before offloading the product to export tankers.

GO.H2 by T.EN™ – Spar

Installing the GO.H2 by T.EN™ process systems onto a spar design, enables deep water hydrogen production in more challenging metocean conditions. Hydrogen can be transported through pipelines or for more remote locations the concept may have additional processes for conversion to hydrogen derivatives which can be exported to a nearby storage unit.

For remote and harsh locations or electrified oil and gas facilities, the Spar can also be presented as a power storage for support renewable power supply during low production periods.

Your Right Partner

KANFA has been appointed as leading entity for the development of the GO.H2 by T.EN™ concept for offshore production of green hydrogen and other hydrogen derivates. Together with T.EN and Inocean we are ideally positioned to provide green hydrogen in the current and future energy landscape, due to our extensive hydrogen and offshore expertise, seamless project execution capabilities and established presence worldwide.