Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage

KANFA has developed a compact containerised unit for onshore carbon capture with standardised designs for 10,000 to 150,000-ton CO2 capture per year. The solution includes carbon capture based on amine absorption and the downstream CO2 liquefaction system.
It is delivered as a complete turn-key solution, offering a minimum of interfacing and site work. By full heat integration with the customer’s plant, the energy consumption can be significantly reduced. The treated CO2 can be delivered for sale to the commodity market, for Enhanced oil Recovery or sequestration. Food grade quality CO2 can be delivered for use in beverage or food production.

Together with parent company Technip Energies, KANFA offers solutions and services throughout the full CO2 Management Value Chain

Carbon Capture As A Service

KANFA is cooperating with Carbon Centric, a company delivering carbon capture as a service. The first plant is to be delivered to Østfold Energi in Rakkestad, Norway in 2023.

Subsequent deliveries of KANFA units under the Carbon Centric service offer a lower threshold for leaner players to reduce their carbon footprint.

Cluster / Storage Hubs

As a part of the downstream CO2 Management Value Chain, KANFA has developed a CO2 intermediate storage hub concept, KANFA CO2 Hub. The solution includes a system for CO2 reception from trucks, railroad, sea transport or from pipeline. The CO2 can be received either in liquid or in gas phase. If gaseous CO2 is delivered, the Hub will have to include a liquefaction system. Furthermore, the terminal contains  storage and export system with marine CO2 loading arms for vessel loading.




Longship is the greatest climate project in Norwegian industry of all time. We are involved in most parts of the project. We delivered the carbon capture pilot in 24 weeks to Fortum Oslo Varme at Klemetsrud in Oslo.

Together with T.EN we are to deliver the full-scale carbon capture plant. We are also delivering two of the packages to the carbon capture plant at Norcem’s cement facilities in Brevik.