Energy Transition

KANFA takes part in the energy transition by offering low-carbon solutions to the industry. Our product line includes standardised Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) modular systems for both onshore and offshore applications, as well as systems for the downstream CO2 management chain.

KANFA has developed a containerised product range for onshore carbon capture and liquefaction. The containerised solution is delivered as a complete turn-key product, with a minimum of interfacing and site work.


We are engaged in the development of solutions for green and blue hydrogen production, onshore and offshore. For green offshore hydrogen we can offer a suite of flexible solutions.

Carbon Reduction Solutions

The Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) system is used for Combined Cycle Gas Generators to reduce fuel gas consumption, and hence the emissions. This system can be supplied as a modularised offering from KANFA.

Carbon Consultancy Service

As a technology-independent process design house, KANFA offers services related to assessments and early phase studies of solutions for carbon capture, “technical due diligence.” Furthermore, with the experience, resources, and global presence available through parent company Technip Energies, KANFA has a broad registry of expertise available to assist product developers maturing their solutions to market or potential investors in their technical assessments of most solutions surfacing in the complete CO2 capture and management chain.