Offshore Heat Pump

KANFAs Offshore Heat Pump is the optimal solution for heat generation in Offshore Electrification Projects.

Large Savings

The system reduces both power consumption and power transfer infrastructure installations. This significantly lowers the CAPEX & OPEX for the offshore facility. The concept is of special interest for electrification projects powered from shore with limited heat sources.

Patented Solution

The Offshore Heat Pump has been developed and patented as a concept for full heating and cooling integration of a complete topside process using a large-scale heat pump. It eliminates the use of electric heaters and fired boilers.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators

KANFA offers offshore Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) modules for combined cycle solutions. Excess heat can be found in hot streams such as exhaust gas from gas tubines and return streams from coolers. The excess heat is converted to steam in an HRSG module, which again is powering steam turbine generators for production of electricity.

KANFA has executed the delivery of four HRSG modules for the Golar GIMI FLNG project. The HRSG modules are part of a combined waste heat recovery / power plant that will recover heat to produce steam for process heat and power generation in steam turbines.