KANFA selected for Norway’s first full-scale carbon capture plant

We are kick-starting the carbon capture adventure in Norway; Rakkestad Waste to Energy CCS. It is a big step towards a lowered CO2 emission and a more sustainable future.

The recently established company Carbon Centric has announced their intention to develop a carbon capture service supported by KANFA’s technical and system delivery capabilities. The modularised KANFA capture design will be the backbone of the Carbon Centric installations.

KANFA has delivered a pilot plant for carbon capture and has more than 10 years of experience in this field. The company is currently involved in several prospective carbon capture projects globally, hereunder the local Norwegian CCS plant proposed for Oslo Fortum Varme at Klemetsrud waste-to-energy plant in Oslo, Norway. KANFA has developed a modularised design with standard equipment for CO2 capture, treatment and liquification. Thus, it can be installed to a lower cost and in shorter time than the traditional bespoke designed plants.

KANFA Decarbonisation Technology Manager, Stig Brustad, happily informs that: «Newly founded Carbon Centric will hopefully be able to place the order soon, and we are then aiming to have the plant up and running within a year. It will be Norway’s first full scale carbon capture plant. KANFA is pleased to see this now going ahead and look forward to the collaboration with Carbon Centric in the emerging carbon capture market.»

Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment, Sveinung Rotevatn, comments in Finansavisen (paywalled): «Carbon capture and storage projects are absolutely necessity climate measures, and we therefore support pilot projects like this in Østfold thought Enova.»

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